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Edwards for VP — Maybe?

Pretty good argument for Kerry picking John Edwards as his running mate. However, according to the article, it looks like Kerry is leaning towards Dick Gephardt or Tom Vilsack, which I don’t quite understand.

I don’t know much about Governor Vilsack (Iowa), but I do know that Gephardt has a record of not being able to deliver in elections, aside from his home district. Why would a man who struggles with the charisma/connection thing select Gephardt, who has an even worse time connecting, as his VP choice?

That being said, even though I’m from North Carolina, I think Edwards as the preferable candidate just goes to show both parties’ weaknesses. That he is taken seriously is a testament to the weakness of the Democrats; that he should be taken seriously attests to the weakness of the Republicans.

I must admit, that while I may vote for Kerry, I was pulling for Edwards as the Presidential nominee. However, I still wish, deep down, that I could vote for John McCain. 😐

Courtesy of Talking Points Memo.

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  1. Lorrie

    And you claim to be Republican. I’m going to have you voting Democrat in no time!!

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