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Amish in the Voting Booth

“Republicans Look to Harvest Amish Vote” – AP

I can see U.S. 250 near Wooster, Ohio now, packed with buggies heading towards the polling places on Election Day. 🙂

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  1. Lorrie

    I just can’t see most of the Amish going out to vote. For one thing, this AP report really downplays how important pacifism is to the Amish. I think they are going to feel ambigious about Bush at best. And I think it’s sad that the Republican party is working so hard to get a relatively small group of people to vote who don’t have a lot of the same concerns as “us English”. Don’t have health insurance, for the most part, because they believe their families will and can take care of them; don’t pay personal taxes for the most part (there are always exceptions) because they don’t receive federal help in any way (because their church and families will help them). So the Republican are moving way off message to get a small religious sect to vote — it really shows how bankrupt the Bush administration is at this point.

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