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Amish in the City: Give it up for Mose and Ariel, y’all!

Okay, so it turns out we’re not the only two people watching this show. (The premiere episodes, at least, turned out to have been pretty highly rated for UPN.)

And, looking on some message boards, we’re definitely not the only folks who like Mose — it’s MOSE, not MOSES, English — the best of all the people in the house.

However, I’m almost willing to guarantee, from the same boards, that we’re the only folks who like Ariel, the spaced-out vegan who believes cows might be aliens. Heck, I think she and Mose might work out as a couple. Too bad they’d probably have to live around cows. 🙂

Wednesday nights, UPN — if you can figure out what channel that is. (Same one that shows Enterprise. There, that might help at least three or four viewers.)

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  1. Lorrie

    Sorry Shane… it looks like Ariel gets with another, non-Amish guy.

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