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Not very tall at all

I appear to be shorter (5’6″) than almost every famous modern male. Makes me feel like a hobbit.

Of course, I have to wonder about some of the reported heights. Bea Arthur is only 5’9″? For that matter, Cher is 5’4″? That’s the same height as Alan Ladd. (Seriously. They used to have him stand on things to look taller than his female costars. Except for Veronica Lake. 4’11”. The Glass Key. Good movie.)

I personally think the best height is for Charles Schulz. They report him as 5’12”. 🙂

Link courtesy of Pop Culture Junk Mail


  1. Lorrie

    Hey sweetheart,

    Al Pacino is only 5’5” and he plays mobsters.

  2. Lorrie

    …And Buster Keaton was 5’6”.

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