So, some companies are planning to compete with iTunes by offering a music rental service, where you can get unlimited tracks for a monthly fee but those tracks will die if you do not have a current subscription to the service.

While I can see some advantages — trying out new music, getting rid of songs you never listen to — I’m wondering why the same companies that can’t compete with iTunes in the first place think folks will drop the “I bought it, it’s mine” mindset given to us by years of buying CDs, records, and tapes? And for that matter, why should we? Record companies obviously did well off of it. Can you imagine being the customer service person who has to explain to a customer why half their collection just stopped working?

I probably shouldn’t be so cynical about it. At least they’re trying new business models in response to new technology. However, a lot of media companies are trying to move towards an information rental society, and this seems like one more idea from that bankrupt concept. (Did I say “a lot of media companies?” I guess there aren’t really a lot, anymore.)