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Male/Female Brain?

You know, according to this test, my brain rates at 100% female. (“I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”) 😉

Kind of weird, since my scores on each individual part always fall closer to the male range and never go above the average for female. I don’t think I would have been surprised by a somewhat “female” score, but I think the 100% score may be an error. Maybe I should have taken it in Internet Explorer.

Warning, if you take the test yourself, it takes a while.

Link courtesy of Too many topics, too little time.

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  1. Lorrie

    I’m only 50% Female, according to this scale. That doesn’t make sense — everyone knows that I’m a controlling, crazy man trapped in a Lorrie realty…

    (can you tell I am high off of coffee and chocolate. I love coffee breaks with the gang 🙂

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