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“You couldn’t write a book with that ending.”

2005 UNC Seniors
UNC seniors Melvin Scott, Jackie Manuel, Jawad Williams

UNC 75, Duke 73 on Senior Day at Carolina. Good article by Adam Lucas.

“I’d like to thank the coaching staff for helping me find myself,” Jackie Manuel said.

That’s when those tears came for the head coach.


You’d have to know the history behind the seniors’ time at UNC to understand why winning the ACC title in their last year was so great. For a perennially good basketball program, it was a chaotic four years for guys who are growing up at the same time.

Thanks, Jackie, Jawad, and Melvin, for sticking it out. I’ve been an UNC fan for a long time, and have seen a few special players who stood out as good people above and beyond any basketball skills, and y’all definitely take a place in that group. (And let’s not forget Charlie Everett and C. J. Hooker, two members of that fan-favorite group, the non-scholarship walk-on players.)

Update: Got to get this in here: Jackie Manuel went 5-6 from the field and scored 12 points. He was the second-leading scorer, behind Sean May’s incredible 26-point, 24-rebound performance. 🙂 BTW, here are links to the senior speeches after the game, at least in part, and to other quotes.


  1. Lorrie

    Great picture of the guys. And thanks for finding the link to the senior speeches. Everyone I talk with that is a Carolina fan feels connected to these guys. I might feel it just a bit more – being a new Carolina fan from the 8-20 season on.

  2. Lorrie

    And of course, Jackie Manuel is the MAN. (after you, of course).

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