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I know, I know

I haven’t posted in a while. Busy. Buying house. Working. Thinking about house. Celebrating. Inspecting house. All that kind of thing. 🙂

Well, okay, I’m not that busy, but it does take a lot of energy. Cue the Saturday Night Live version of the first Presidential debate from 2004:

Lehrer – And what happens in phase three?

Bush – Jim, we’re still working on phase three. You know, huh, and believe me…we’re working hard…’cause it’s, huh, it’s hard work…and we’re…working hard…every day…working evenings…ordering in…working hard together…now to answer your question, we don’t know all the details yet. But basically on phase three, we crush the terrorists and hold elections, so that the Iraqi people can choose their own destiny. Because I believe all people want freedom, don’t you?

Lehrer – Absolutely, but when you say “crush the terrorists,” how exactly do you plan to do that?

Bush – Huh, by working hard! …Working Saturdays…

Lehrer – So, your plan is to crush the terrorists by coming in on Saturdays?

Bush – If that’s what it takes!

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  1. Lorrie

    Yeah, house. We will soon own a house, my love.

    And it’s hard work. Sometimes, I get sick. Tired. Cranky.

    But I’m always happy to be with you!!

    All my love,

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