I wince when I hear I’m invited to a brainstorming session. I understand why people have them, but I prefer for the ideas that I communicate to be in some sort of thought-out, vetted condition. In other words, I don’t like spouting whatever bizarre idea pops into my head until I think about it. (I save the bizarre ideas for when I’m bored in regular meetings.) đŸ™‚

What we seem to have here is a big brainstorming session on how to save the Internet from growing security and noise risks. At least I think it must have been, because folks came up with ideas such as this one:

“Let’s make all end user devices nonprogrammable. No one can connect to the Internet on a machine that creates code. If you want a computer to do programming, you would have to be licensed. We could license software companies to purchase programmable machines, which would be completely traceable along with the code created on them.”

Wow, that’s pretty bizarre.

Link courtesy of Ars Technica