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Talking technology in Butler County, Ohio

Okay, perhaps local officials everywhere can’t be trusted to learn the basics before making public statements. Subdermal GPS chips don’t exist yet! You’re thinking of those microchips they scan at the vet’s office!

And, once again, I can only hope the Sheriff was joking when he was talking about electrically shocking parolees who were doing things in violation of their probation. I can sort of see it working as an Invisible Fence for keeping people in a certain area — if you had the GPS tracking chips — but the last time I saw a chip that shocked someone because of their behavior, it was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Link courtesy of Engadget


  1. Do you realize that Butler county is the one next to the county Scott lives in??

  2. Hope he doesn’t break the law. Or that they don’t decide they want to track teachers. 🙂

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