There are two weird things in this review of Sin City:

  1. Is the plural of “comic” really “comix?”
  2. Is he actually insinuating that director Robert Rodriguez put in a swastika-shaped shuriken to appeal to a hypothetical Jewish media? (Fourth paragraph.) What the heck?

Personally, I’m conflicted over seeing the movie in the theater.

Pro: It’s directed by Robert Rodriguez. I like his El Mariachi series.

Pro: I like the look of the film. The B&W effect looks interesting.

Con: I haven’t read the series, but I really didn’t like Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Seriously, a dark Batman might have been needed at the time, but the story has the emotional depth of a Miami Vice episode from the later seasons. In other words, not that bad, but nothing earthshaking.

Con: Just not as much of a fan of the old ultraviolence since I got older. I’m not sure why. (Bigger screens, maybe?) šŸ™‚