Draftcity.com on Jackie Manuel at the Portsmouth Invitational:

Manuel really looked like a sore thumb on the roster sheet that was handed out where all the player’s stats are listed from this past season. The reason for that is obvious, as he played for the team that won the National Championship and let others focusing on scoring while he did all the little things to help his team out. That wasn’t the case here at Portsmouth, where he showed off some offensive skills that no one (except maybe his teammates) knew he had in him beforehand. He was probably the most athletic player at this tournament, or at least the player that showed off the most athleticism in every thing he did. Manuel probably earned himself an invite to Chicago, but he’ll have to work on his stroke in the next two months to show that he can play in the NBA as a SG.

The same site on Jawad Williams in the last game of the tournament:

On the losing end was Jawad Williams, who started the game off miserably, went scoreless for the first 30 minutes, and then somehow managed to score 17 points in the last 10 minutes. Much like in the first game, Jawad went into his shell after things weren’t going for him early on. A couple of good shots rimmed out for him, the three ball wasn’t falling, all of a sudden he had an airball, and then it was if he was absolutely invisible until the game was basically done. Then a strange thing happened, after sitting out the first 7 minutes of the first half he came back in and then after feeling things out a bit started looking for his shot again. His first field goal of the game came off a monster put-back dunk and that was the spark that got him going. He started scoring around the rim a couple of times with some aggressive moves, and then moved his game outside to show off his jumper and spin moves. A sweet alley-oop finish of a TJ Sorrentine pass completed 17 points for him on the game, and basically salvaged this camp as a wash as far as he should be concerned.