A meme that will hopefully go around pretty quickly, as I’m always curious about how folks run their sites.

What plugins do you use on your blog and how do you rate them?

I don’t know that I could rate them in importance, so I’ll go alphabetically:

Backup Restore – I’ve got v1.5, but I can’t find where to download it right now. The important thing is, you get a one-click backup for your database and your files. Seems to work quite well.

PXS Mail Form – Good contact form. The only issue I had was with a piece of code you’re supposed to enter wherever the contact form should appear. I had to type it in. Copying and pasting didn’t work, and whatever was wrong with it seemed to persist even after you deleted the code. I guess “mail form” = Elder Sign. 🙂

Random Blogroll – I like this one. I’m able to upload my OPML file from Bloglines to the server, and then get back however many listings I’d like to show in my blogroll, randomized and cached every few minutes. You can set the time for a refresh.

Spam Karma 1.2 – I’ve heard of this one possibly being too zealous, but right now I have a 50:1 spam-to-real-person ratio in my comments and trackbacks. Spam Karma is doing a nice job of protection from that little issue. (I don’t get it. I don’t talk about certain popular card games, medications, or debt instruments on this blog at all, yet something, somewhere, advertising each, appears to just love my site.)

Spelling Checker – Mixed review on this one. It really does very well at spell checking, but I’m afraid to use it before saving the post because it has locked up Firefox 1.0.1 a couple of times…but only when it doesn’t find any spelling errors on the first try.

WP Plugin Manager – It can install/uninstall/update programs set up in a certain format. Works well, which is a bit of a surprise, given the complexities involved.

Enhanced Views – Adds a few more ways to find and organize posts on the admin side. Also works well so far.

I don’t have anything else outside of the default installation running right now. There was a plugin called “My Stuff” that I was using with WP 1.2, but it started failing in 1.5 and the author’s site doesn’t appear to be around anymore. It was just a nice list of “Recently Read,” “Watching,” that sort of thing…It just worked simply and well.