Greensboro’s own Truth & Reconciliation Commission is rolling along on its project of uncovering the truth behind the violence of November 3, 1979.

Laudable cause. Greensboro has already had occasional reflexive spasms of guilt over that particular crime, and as you can see, they haven’t seemed to do much good as far as reconciliation. I would love to see this commission actually bring about that reconciliation, but I’m not sure where the reconciliation part is going to come in. What is being reconciled, and with whom? Are we to be reconciled with our own memories of a miscarriage of justice, as Klansmen and Nazis walked free because, as a city at that time, we hated the idea of Communists even more?

I’d say the truth part of the equation should get more play, and surprise, surprise…that is already causing some issues in the Gate City. Maybe, in the end, time is going to be the only thing that contributes to the fading of this particular stain, but, in the meantime, keep an eye on the T&R Commission. Could be pretty interesting.