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Last night…

We were walking toward Ted’s Montana Grill in Durham to partake of some bison, and we see some tall fellows walking toward us. I think one of them looks like Marvin Williams, so I stare until I figure out that it is him. Nice guy that he is, he even moved out of the way as I wandered blankly by, gawking.

After we get into the restaurant, Lorrie points out that he was with Sean May and Wes Miller. (Who looked taller in person than he does with the rest of the team.) You know, it’s not like I really need more proof that my brain isn’t exactly agile when surprised. There go my dreams of being Sherlock Holmes. 🙂

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  1. Lorrie

    Maybe you can be married to Sherlock Holmes. I’m pretty good at picking basketball players out.

    Too bad Jackie was not partaking at the restuarant. I would have had to hug him! (And then you would have noticed)

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