I figured this would be happening sooner or later, but I always thought it would just be more blatant. We’re soon to have uniform standards on driver’s licenses thanks to the REAL ID Act, creating a national ID card out of identification that once was more fractious. The legislation was just passed by the House of Representatives, thanks to it being attached to a “must-pass” Iraq appropriations bill.

Anyone remember Reagan being opposed to a national ID card? That was in part due to a libertarian strain in conservative politics, and in part due to evangelicals who believed a national ID card was the first step toward world government. Sure, maybe 9/11 changed “everything,” but I would think fundamental political and religious beliefs would be the last things to change, so expect some fireworks over this one by tomorrow, when it goes to the Senate.

In the meantime, I think it’s disgusting that the bill had already gone down to defeat last year, only to get attached to a bill designed to furnish the equipment and supplies our troops need. Also, it denies states the ability to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

So, we have a bill establishing a federal ID standard, cynically abusing an appropriations bill for the military, establishing a new unfunded mandate on the states, and increasing federal control while limiting personal freedom. You’re a bad conservative, Rep. Sensenbrenner, you’re a bad conservative.

Link courtesy of WilWheaton dot Net

Update: Hmmm…this could make for an interesting Supreme Court fight.

Update, again: Looks like the bill is about to be signed into law.