It’s interesting what you miss when you’re moving. I’m spending my time trying not to forget things like bills and address changes, and I completely miss the one-year anniversary of The Phantom City.

When I started this blog, I figured my biggest problem would be keeping it going. After 241 posts, that doesn’t seem like a problem. There’s a lot to write about out there, in a lot of different fields, a few of which I actually pay attention to.

Anyway, posting has been sparse lately. I’ll plead “really busy” for the past few weeks, and try to do better once I get an Internet connection at the new house. I want to thank everyone who’s been reading — at least the living, rather than the spambots that keep stopping by and trying to leave comments about poker and mortgages — and I hope you’ve found something of interest here. (Since I just wrote the words “poker” and “mortgages,” I think the spambots may find it even more interesting.) 🙂