Man, step away from the Internet for a few days, and by the time you get back, hell freezes over.

Okay, so hell didn’t freeze, it just caught a draft, but still: Apple is planning on using Intel chips? And they aren’t planning to do anything to keep those computers from running Windows as well?

Admittedly, Apple can easily fix it so OS X only runs on its hardware, no matter what processor. However, the illogic of being able to run it on this Pentium IV while not being able to run it on that Pentium IV is going to be one more push down the path to widespread Mac clones. Maybe Apple’s counting on the idea that it’s the Microsoft in this picture, instead of the IBM.

Anyway, the new house has thoroughly been moved into, and we are enjoying it. I’ll have to post some pictures. It’s amazing how big a house feels after years of renting.

We’re still getting the phone transferred, so we’ve turned into cellular people for now. We also figured out that we selected the only room without either a working cable or Ethernet connection as the office, so Internet’s out until I get the wireless card for the PC. (I’ve been wanting to anyway, just to kill some cables…and to shop.) πŸ˜‰

Otherwise, it’s all good, and it is so nice to have windows and sunlight all day, rather than the usual dim apartment light. The mailbox is a few feet from the door, and you can roll your trash down to the curb on a Monday morning and people will just come by and get it for you. We’re living in the suburbs I laughed at every time I’d see that opening shot of cookie-cutter houses in some independent dark comedy, and so far I absolutely love it. πŸ™‚