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Vote for Kerst!

Kerst ter Weele is running for Culpeper County, Va., treasurer. Shared an office with him for two years at Virginia Tech. He’s good people. 🙂

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  1. Kerst

    Sorry to report that I am NOT running for county Treasurer now.
    I decided that the hassle of taking on both the second job as Treasurer and the third job of running for elected office was not worth it. Especially since my aim was to get the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors working with the Culpeper County School Board, not pass out bills for local property taxes as treasurer.

    The Boards will have issues based on (1) the schools being the largest/majority of the budget and (2) Culpeper population growth. Virginia’s Dillon Rule will force existing Culpeper residents to subsidize new school projects for new residents. So, I nicely wanted to convince the Supervisors to focus on having builders build those 55-and-older communities, thus expanding the tax base on one hand, but NOT increasing the school demand/required budget on the other. There were other things that needed to be addressed too (like having a single bidder on the bonds, not investing some of the county cash, doing a sale-lease-back on the schools, etc) that probably would have produced another 5 million in increased revenues or decreased costs over ten years.

    The good news is that they just had the latest development (Copper Ridge) go with the 55+ plan. Thank you Shane for the unsolicited “Vote for Kerst ter Weele.”

    All the Best

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