Never saw these particular comics, but apparently Marvel decided that the Seventies were a good time to release a new character based in the Fifties: 3-D Man. 3-D Man employed the Mysterious Powers of the Third Dimension to…Okay, there aren’t any really mysterious powers in the Third Dimension. Calling him 3-D Man was probably just wishful thinking on the part of the writer. The character seems about as 2-D as you can get, and is primarily memorable for a bad red/green outfit. (Get it, like 3-D glasses?) 🙂

Dave’s Long Box reviews one of the 3-D Man comics, Marvel Premiere #36, at his blog. Sample dialogue from said comic:

“Come on, Scrapper! you take him from behind!”

“That’s my specialty, boss-man!”

I don’t think the world was ever quite that innocent.

Sometimes I cringe at modern efforts to resurrect nostalgic times in comics, but perhaps I should just remember it could always be worse.