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The courage to stand behind their words…way behind

Pat Robertson calls for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Pat Robertson catches flak for it and immediately claims he was misinterpreted.

Victoria Gotti comes clean about her breast cancer story…more of a breast cancer scare, really.

Robertson: Televangelist with his own TV show who uses his base to influence politics.

Gotti: Daughter of mob boss John Gotti, also had own TV show, but probably doesn’t influence politics in any meaningful way.

And Pat comes up with the bigger lie. Good going, Pat. Set that bright, shining, Christian example we’ve all come to expect from you.

Update: Apology from Pat. For saying what he previously claimed he didn’t say. Haven’t seen an apology for the lying part yet. Haven’t seen one for just being Pat Robertson either.

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  1. King Bastard

    How can you be misquoted on unedited video?

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