This is amazing. Michael Brown, the current head of FEMA…the man who said the federal government didn’t know there were people at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans until Thursday…was hired into FEMA after being fired from his last job running horse shows. The reason for his dismissal? Supervision failures.

The result of FEMA’s disorganization and refusal of outside help? More people died.

I’m sure there are many people at FEMA who are doing a good job. I’m sure that, without their efforts, a major disaster would have turned worse. What I can’t fathom, however, is that an agency so clearly needed in the homeland security apparatus is run by a person whose experience comes from horse shows. Isn’t this administration supposed to be the security administration? One has to wonder whether the quick evacuation at the end of the week was accomplished through Brown’s planning, or through the military’s organization.