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Jackie Manuel to NBADL

Jackie Manuel will be expanding the posse to Fayetteville, NC. He has signed to play for the National Basketball Association Development League’s Fayetteville Patriots, as has Wake Forest’s Taron Downey. Good going, Jackie! 🙂

(Since he’s so close, maybe he can stop by Chapel Hill and teach the new UNC players how to play defense.)


  1. Robert Schwarz

    Jackie, I was very shocked that you were not selected in the regular draft, I am sure you will be in the NBA soon. I realy did think a Western Conf.(other than LA) team would pick you to guard Kobe. I believe you can shut him down. Keep a good attitude and keep working. I know I’ll see you in the NBA soon.

    Be Bleesed.

  2. RodMan

    Jackie, Keep your head up, the Manuel family has always prevailed when the odds seemed to be stacked against us.

  3. Antonio Wilson

    Yo cuz whats up… I wish you the best man

  4. scott

    My son met Jackie at the NC camp 4 years ago and was delighted when Jackie said hello and recognized him the following year. Jackie is one of the REAL class acts in sports. My son has met a handful of NBA players and his favorite player, pro or college is Jackie, We will both be pulling for you from Texas.

  5. Jobby Jean

    Jackie, “Sak Pase’ mon frere; ” you should have been chosen in the first round brother. Keep working hard at it my man, you’ll make it to the NBA sooner than you think. I enjoyed watching you play man at UNC. I am a diehard TarHeel. This is just a good future story in the making so when you hoist that NBA Championship trophy up one day you’ll be able to say look where I came from to get here. God knows your heart, He sees how hard you work and all the things you want to do for your family. This is just a test, Gold being purified by some fire. You’ll make it, you already have Jackie, just speak it and believe. You don’t know me but I am a big fan. God Bless

    Jobby Jean

  6. Marc

    I love Jackie and I loved watching him play at Carolina and I’m really glad he’s getting the chance to play basketball somewhere. You will do great man and im sure you will get to the NBA soon. Good luck and God bless.

  7. Shane

    Found out last night…Jackie isn’t on the Patriots’ roster due to an injury that will keep him out a few weeks. When he recovers, he’ll be back on the team. Which is great, because we’d love to take a road trip down to Fayetteville. 🙂

  8. Shane

    BTW, The Merch is selling “Jackie Manuel has a Posse” shirts online now, for those who are living away from Chapel Hill.

  9. Pat

    Get well soon Jackie. I want to see you in Fayetteville and see some of that AWESOME defense. You, Melvin and Jawad were a GREAT class at Carolina. My wife thinks you are GOD of the court!

  10. Josh

    What is going on with Jackie now? Is he still playing in the NBDL? I know that he still isn’t on the Patroits roster, hopefully he is still playing basketball, I would love to see this guy in the league. He can play better defense then alot of the shooting fowards drafted last year, and its a shame he was left out.

  11. Gary

    I need a Jackie Manuel has a posse T-shirt!

  12. Jeremy Grant


    Played rec ball with you at Wellington Rec… Good luck man been following you for a while wish you the best… The heat could use your defensive abilites

  13. marcus emanuel

    hey jackie what’s up man just leting you know were hopeing for best man love uncle zeke

  14. Bill Brown

    I just want to thank you for your 4 years of being an example to not only young basketball players, but an older guy (I will be 40 in September) like me. I have now watched the 2005 Championship video, like 40 times. It is not only inspirational to me as a Tarheel fan, but as a former high school basketball coach – I get goose bumps when I see all the TEAMwork that you guys exemplified. Please check out my website – and say hello to Melvin and Jawad and thank them for me, too. My parents treat you 3 like you are long lost kids…I can’t tell you how many times from 2001-05, I heard my mom say, “oh be careful with the ball, Jawad!” OR “he is such a great shooter; I wish Melvin would get more playing time!” OR “I bet as a coach, you wish your players were as devoted to defense as Jackie!” — my reply is that UNC recruits young men of character and character can get you through any challenge that Life throws your way….Oh, I am sorry Jackie, I am getting long winded…but if there is any way you could write to my parents in Cleveland, OH; I would be so appreciative. Something simple, like “thanks Mr. & Mrs. Brown for all your support” and include a snap shot of how you look blessed now…my sister Carolyn passed away on May 20th and this next while is tough, but hearing from the Carolina family would make their day.

    I wish you the best in life and congratulations on your marriage.

    Bill Brown
    Alpharetta, GA

  15. Shane

    Since this entry is #4 in Google when you search on “Jackie Manuel”, it seems to be the most popular entry on the site. 🙂

    Just want to make sure that everyone understands this isn’t Jackie’s site, however. I don’t know whether he has ever run across it. The entry is just about Jackie, so if anyone has Jackie Manuel news to share, that’s cool. Thanks!

  16. William Oknefski

    Glad to hear Jackie is still playing basketball. You ever talk to someone like Ed Cota about overseas? You would shut people down overseas. That’s for sure.

  17. RodMan


    The D-FENDERS have begun building the team for its inaugural season, highlighted by the first round selection (4th overall) of the rights to Duane Erwin, a 6-foot-9, 240-pound power forward from the University of Memphis, in the 2006 NBA Development League Expansion Draft.
    Erwin began the 2005-06 D-League season in eight games with the Fayetteville Patriots and finished out the season with the Florida Flame, averaging 26.6 minutes, 7.7 points and 7.6 rebounds per game for the season.

    Here are the results of the Los Angeles D-FENDERS Draft selections:

    Round/Pick Name Pos Ht College
    6. 24th overall Jackie Manuel G 6-5 North Carolina

  18. Luke Welshans

    Jackie –
    I met you and your parents over the summer at the Smith Center when me and my family traveled there for out vacation. I was glad to hear you were tryin out for the Magic and continuing to play basketball. Keep up the good work man and good luck in the future!

  19. zekeinstein

    yo: hay man were are you playing ball at, call me uncle zeke 561 373-1479 love you.

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