Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pa.) is running against a retired Navy admiral for reelection and has taken a curious tack in his campaigning. You see, retired Admiral Joe Sestak has a five-year-old daugher who had brain cancer. She went through chemotherapy in Washington, D.C., and was recently pronounced in remission.

Apparently, this somehow offends Representative Weldon, who wants to make an issue of the fact the Sestaks’ daughter was treated in Washington, rather than Philadelphia or Delaware.

Perhaps he was just concerned that, as a five-year-old, she wasn’t paying her own way in DC. His daughter did, as the head of a million-dollar-a-year lobbying firm.

So just remember, folks, if you’re about to run against Curt Weldon, and your child is very sick, think carefully about your priorities. We already know where Curt stands. 😐