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Minutemen vs. Socialists

Ah, Greensboro, my hometown… 😐

Seriously, if groups like the Minutemen think Greensboro, NC, is a good place to stop and garner support, we need to print up some kind of pamphlet about 1979 just so we can hand it to them. Not to put it lightly, but Greensboro is gunshy about controversial protests, for very good reason.

BTW, compliments to Joe Killian for working a Red Kryptonite reference into his story. 🙂

Link via

Knowledge it was happening via Lorrie.


  1. Lorrie

    …but I told you about it before you saw it at

  2. Shane

    That is true. I have corrected the statement. 🙂

  3. Joe Killian

    Wonder how many people actually got the Red Kryptonite reference…

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