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Amanda Congdon out at Rocketboom…What?

Yep, apparently I’m not really on the Web, because my first thought when I saw this news in about twenty outlets was “What exactly is a Rocketboom?” Apparently, it was a short news show produced for the Internet. Video blogging, in other words, but a vlog with a chance to make some money. (That would be nice.)

While I might have enjoyed the show if I had seen it, I’ve seen this news in enough places, causing enough concern, that I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one out here who can’t watch video anything at work, thanks to the close quarters and essential “cubeness” of my workspace. Then, at home, I don’t really enjoy hanging out the entire evening doing the same sorts of things I do at work. So, I’m thinking that the point where I don’t start hearing about trends until people get excited about them being over is the point I should probably just admit that I’m not really keeping up anymore. 😉

Guess I should point out Ms. Congdon’s personal site.

Update: Looks like the Washington Post is in on it as well. I checked out the Rocketboom archives, and it seems like it might have been interesting, but the humor reminded me mostly of E! or G4TechTV. (Is the revolutionary aspect that you can make a G4 show for $25, and probably make more money? That would be good enough, I guess.)

Maybe it’s just me.

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  1. Mike in Arkansas

    Rocket…what? I’ve never heard of Rocketboom either and this was the first place I stopped in trying to figure it out. I got here from Technorati and at that moment, this blog was on top of the blogs talking about Rock… what ever it is.

    I guess I started out not keeping up with trends on the internet.

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