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Blinking and beeping and flashing…

Tonight, we saw a bit of Airplane II: The Sequel, and my wife said Buck Murdock reminded her of me. Buck Murdock is played by William Shatner…sweet. 🙂

Quote from Buck:

Oh, cut the bleeding heart crap, will ya? We’ve all got our switches, lights, and knobs to deal with, Striker. I mean, down here there are literally hundreds and thousands of blinking, beeping, and flashing lights, blinking and beeping and flashing – they’re flashing and they’re beeping. I can’t stand it anymore! They’re blinking and beeping and flashing! Why doesn’t somebody pull the plug!


  1. Jeremy

    oh there is no need to pull the plug, just put on your ipod and sunglasses… and forget about them.

  2. Lorrie

    Because you can’t wear an ipod and sunglasses in the cubical world of web development, right Shane…

  3. Shane

    Yeah, you can only do two non-work-related things at a time in cubicle world without arousing suspicion, and I choose music and personal web surfing. Once I get an office, it’s time for sunglasses. 🙂

  4. Lorrie

    I dunno. I have an office and I cannot even listen to music. So sad.

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