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‘Sexy tops?’

One of the hazards of keeping the TV on as background noise while working over a weekend is that you might end up hearing fashion advice for guys. What I just heard: “Sexy tops, lowcut shirts, and skinny jeans” are in for men.

Okay, if you’ve seen the pictures in a photographic record, you kind of know what I look like. What I now can’t get out of my head is a picture of me, dressed in a lowcut satin shirt with a sequin pattern and a pair of jeans that look like they were painted on. Suffice it to say, at 5’6″ and the approximate weight of an NFL running back, that’s not a good picture, for me or the rest of the world. TV fashion shows should carry liability insurance. 😉


  1. Lorrie

    So, now I know what you are doing when you say you are working. Really, you are imagining yourself in a sexy top. Really, I think you should get an ascot like the Pive.

  2. Shane

    Yep, the Pive was looking pretty stylin’. If Jonathan Antin saw him, he’d cry.

  3. Lorrie

    J.A. would say, “his hair was so banging, he looked like he washed it with bottled water”.

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