Lorrie and I walked into our new neighborhood Urban Outfitters last night, and I immediately felt I was in another world…one where I had no clue about fashion, or actual clothing sizes. That’s not much of a stretch, but the feeling passed. I started to notice there’s still an underlying, mundane mall-ness to it all. Not much different from the food court, if the food court had books about sexual positions.

Anyway, I was thinking about that because it inspired me to go to their website and look at their Men’s Jackets & Coats section. Notice anything interesting about the men in the pictures? They seem a little thin, almost unhealthy looking, as if they had some sort of eating disorder…Ah, wait…I think they’ve contracted Photoshop disease. I’ve seen a few other places where models’ pictures were stretched vertically and narrowed horizontally, and this page looks like a prime example. I guess it’s not enough for hipness to look like Beck; He’d also need to be six feet tall. Of course, looking at the clothing sizes last night, I’m just glad I’m not a woman. 🙂

Update: Hey, HP is selling cameras so everyone can slim down the digital way.