Yep, I’m looking at you, Quicktime Player and EA Link. You aren’t the only offenders, but you’re today’s offenders.

Seriously, why does Quicktime end up in my system tray every time I upgrade iTunes? The checkbox to remove it is in exactly the same place with each new version, using the same language, so I think it wouldn’t be too hard to keep that setting through the upgrade. I really don’t have any occasion to need to open Quicktime faster than it already does.

And EA Link…I realize you’re new software, and I don’t really need to have you installed, but why would I want an immediately available link between my computer and EA’s online store? (Why do I have a feeling EA’s downloadable game sales are going to start requiring this to be active?) 😐

Anyway, stop it. I don’t want to see you the next time I boot up. I won’t get rid of your desktop icons, so you don’t have to worry we’ll lose touch. I just want you to be less clingy. My system tray needs space.