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Donald Rumsfeld is gone…

…there’s a Democratic majority in the House and Senate…

Who could have predicted such a thing?!? 🙂

Seriously, when I — who grew up Republican and liked Reagan in the Eighties — think the best news I’ve heard all week is that the Democrats won and Rumsfeld is out…well, you know you probably aren’t energizing the base to come out and vote for your party.

I don’t expect too much of my government, I don’t think, but here’s what I hope happens the next two years that didn’t happen in the last six:

  • Our government doesn’t lie to us about the big things.
  • Bills are publicized and debated.
  • We admit to failed policies and past mistakes.
  • We try to fix those mistakes cautiously, trying not to screw things up any more than we have to.
  • We at least make a showing of not selling every vote.
  • And who knows…maybe we actually think about civil liberties.

Would that be too much?

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  1. Lorrie

    I’m going to make you a democrat yet.

    And I agree, this would be a good start…

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