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Mysterious Keywords of The Phantom City

When you’re redesigning navigation on a site, one of the important tasks is to assess your most successful outside search keywords — those that keep people around the longest — to see what terminology your visitors use for your content.

For instance, looking at my search stats, I should have a Jackie Manuel section, dedicated to one of the greatest defensive basketball players in UNC history. Why is my site a frequent destination for Jackie Manuel searchers? Because I wrote an article in 2005 about Jackie going to a NBADL team that comes up third in Google’s search for “Jackie Manuel.”

That was the highest I’d seen my site rank in Google for any search terms that weren’t directly related to the words “Phantom City,” up until today. As of this moment, I am now the number one search result for…

…drum roll…

Snoopy vs. Osama

I have to assume they were looking for this. I don’t want to know why.

By the way, Jackie, congratulations. It looks like you’re doing well.

Update: More information on the Royal Guardsmen and their history of singing Snoopy-related songs.


  1. Lorrie

    Actually, it looks like Jackie is averaging 15.0 points a game- making him the third highest point scorer on the team. Still good – but Wiki is wrong.

  2. Shane

    Not surprising, when someone puts in changing information. Of course, it does say he is a leading scorer. 🙂

    When I followed the link at the bottom of the page, apparently the D-League forgot to take down the old Fayetteville Patriots pages.

    BTW, Jawad Williams is currently the third-leading scorer in the NBADL.

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