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Query: Nature of Time

Page 917 of the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci:

Describe the nature of Time as distinguished from the Geometrical definitions.

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  1. Chris Knight

    This is gonna sound like a really wild take on the subject, but here goes: what if Time is a physical defect in the universe that happened as a result of the concept of sin entering into God’s creation? Our understanding of the nature of Time has come about mostly because of the observation of the effects of entropy around us: wearing down everything from cellular life to continental geography to the lifespan of stars. In short, our concept of Time came as a consequence of our understanding of Death. But according to the Judeo-Christian ethic and some other religions, Death only came about because of the fall of Man. So before Adam took the apple and before Death entered the world… was there a sense of Time at all? We are told that Adam lived some hundreds of years “and then he died”, but is that reckoning his entire physical lifespan or only from the moment that he committed the first sin?

    Here’s the model I came up with to try and explain this to people: imagine that God created the Universe as a perfect crystal, but then it got dropped or hit or whatever. The crystal didn’t shatter, but it *did* cause a lot of cracks to happen throughout it. That’s what Time is: the cracks in the crystal that is the Universe. So if you go by the Judeo-Christian understanding of things, the Universe at one point existed in a completely different state than how we know it today: a state with physical form but without Time. It could even be argued that it was an altogether different universe than what we’ve come to know of it. But then the introduction of the slightest flaw – via Adam’s sin – affected the entirety of creation completely and simultaneously, without regard for the speed of light or any other physical limitations that we know of.

    Or maybe sin *does* travel at a fixed speed and its outermost boundary is flying outward toward the rest of the Universe from Earth for the past few thousands of years, bringing Time in its wake to effect everything else. In that case, there could still be a (for the most part) perfect Universe out there, the nature of which cannot be observed from here because we are still in the area obscured by Time/Entropy/Sin. Sort of like inverting the “information paradox” of a black hole when ya think about it…

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