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Always interested in barbecue

Luke McIntyre, in Go Triad, recommends Country Barbecue as the best in North Carolina.

I’ve never been there, but I’ll have to try it out now. However, “the best barbecue” is highly subjective, so I have a feeling it still won’t hold a candle to Fuzzy’s in Madison.

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  1. Chris Knight

    One of the best barbecue places I’ve found anywhere has got to be Pigs R Us BBQ across the border in Martinsville, Virginia. Their ribs are *incredible*. Here’s a review of the place that I wrote last June. Definitely worth checking out if you’re around Martinsville sometime. Be sure to buy a bottle or two of their grilling sauce while you’re there: I always keep the stuff handy here in our kitchen.

    Also worth mentioning Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q in Marietta, Georgia. That’s one place we always hit at least once whenever we’re visiting Lisa’s folks down Georgia way. They also have extremely good ribs and chopped barbecue.

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