This would normally be a Saturday post, but it was icy here today, so it’s kind of like a Saturday.

Continuing to see how well Spam knows me, let’s look at some recent subject lines:

I Woof You

Uhh…what? I know I must have misheard that one.

Inside every child is something special

A chewy center.

Find Money you didn’t know you had

That’s always good.

A lawyer that will fight for you

Nice. I’m thinking Mixed Martial Arts.

Be Your Own Boss & Set Your Own Hours

Also good. Does not doing stuff count as setting my own hours?

We can help!

So many specific suggestions, and now this blanket offer…Spam’s got my back.

Single Christians want to meet you

Usually they come by in pairs.

watch live teen girls in action

Are they the single Christians? No matter, somehow I think this is going to involve phones, or talking about music I don’t know.

I Am Lost In You

Take a left at the spleen. (Great, I’m trying to lose some weight, and now I realize I’m still large enough for strangers to get lost in.)

Mine Is Bigger Then Yours !

Thanks, “Kendra.” That also made me fell really good about myself.

Get Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 1 & 2 – On us!

I would need those two seasons, since I haven’t really kept up with that show. However, is it possible to get a bundle of information “on” someone?

Get Tide 2x on us and have some time to relax

That sounds like it would be easier to get on someone.

wont get enough this night


Wanna watch us play?

Play what?

Be my sugar daddy 🙂

Possibly overestimating my financial status. More like a sugar uncle.

Someone Registered An Amazon Vouchure For you

I do love Amazon, and I could definitely use a…ah…vouchure.

Tide Or Cheer? It Matters

Oooh, I didn’t realize it mattered. So many things matter…So much pressure.

I’m ready…where are you?

Even more pressure…I’ll be there in a second!

Tell me, good or no

Actually, good this time. Spam offered to help and give me a “vouchure,” so I’m pretty satisfied with its offerings this time. Spam, you know me fairly well. Keep up the good work.