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The Revelation of Shane

You know, just recently it occurred to me that I’ve never used my full name on this blog. This seems like a good time to come out. (No, not like that.) 😉

Most folks who read this blog regularly know who I am, which is why I hadn’t really thought about the decision I made a few years ago to not link myself too publicly with this blog. I originally thought I would talk more about work, and I knew that might cause some distress due to the large number of people involved. However, looking back, I’ve normally thought of blogging as a break from thinking about work, so I didn’t write very much about it at all.

I’ve changed jobs recently, and while I’ll miss the folks at my previous job, working as a web applications developer and consultant is a good move for me. Also seems like a good time to say “Hi, I’m Shane Thacker.” There are a few of us, and currently I’m not the one who appears at the top of Google. I’m not the web designer, or the school board chairman, or living in Indonesia, or writing comments about Elton John’s wedding. I am the one who wrote several articles years ago for the Philanthropy News Network. There seem to be more links to those articles than evidence that the articles themselves still exist. 🙂

Anyway, that’s me: Shane Thacker. Hello, world.


  1. Jeremy

    that wasn’t so difficult now was it? now you should tell the world about ‘other’ things…..

  2. Chris Knight

    You’re lucky. At least YOU don’t get at least two or three e-mails a month asking if you’re “that Chris Knight from The Brady Bunch?” :-/

  3. Shane Thacker

    Hi Shane it’s me Shane “the one that lives in Indonesia”.
    Like Chris Knight above, a few people think that your blog is mine.
    Whats more you beat me to the top of google and i didn’t even know i was ever on it.
    Well its a small world with the internet these days, i wonder if we are related. Perhaps one day one of us might need a kidney.
    If ever your passing by Semarang be sure to call in for a few beers or the odd 100. Just dont sign your name and leave town or i cop it !!
    Cheers mate.

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