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The post to let everyone know I’m still alive

Ahhh, I’m back. 🙂

The last post I’d written, I just started a new job. It took a fair amount of time just to figure out what I was doing, given the fact I had worked for almost seven years at my previous job. It’s strange going from being the person who knows almost everything to being the newbie again. Now I’m learning what it’s like to schedule my own day, rather than have various “crises” schedule it for me. Maybe that’s what happens when you go from tens of thousands of users on a few apps to dozens of users on many apps.

In the meantime, my wife and I also got the flu, which was much fun. I don’t really remember my second week at this job. I know I was here most of the week, but I’m not sure what I did. I think I may have just stared at the bright screen for hours. I left a few cryptic notes for myself to decipher, however, so perhaps I’ll understand one day.

Blogging wasn’t the only thing to go by the wayside. New job stress, plus flu, equaled temporarily postponing my otherwise successful attempt to lose weight this year. I noticed yesterday I had gained five pounds back. Guess I should start again. Doesn’t seem fair that just because you eat bad and don’t exercise that you should gain weight, though. 😉

Well, hopefully I’ll be more active here for a while. I wouldn’t want this blog to die, largely because I’d probably forget to take it down from its lifetime hosting account. It would just sit on the net, exuding an air of slight mystery, like some really uninteresting Neolithic village.


  1. Jeremy

    neolithic? well maybe, good to here things are working out for you. just remember, if it was just sitting here… people would find it form those that linked to you….

  2. Chris Knight

    That last paragraph does sort of elicit a thought: a hundred years or so from now, if the Internet is still up and hosts like Google are still around, the blogs of millions of people from today will still be there to be read by others. They might even still be up a thousand years from now. We’ll be long gone, but our thoughts and ideas and the spirit of who we are will endure indefinitely.

    Pretty cool thing to be playing with immortality, doncha think? 🙂

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