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Defending the Desktop

There are creeps everywhere, man! They don’t even attack…they just keep taking punishment, and they just keep moving, like they don’t even feel it! šŸ™‚

For me, the sign of a good game is that hours after I play it, I’m sitting there thinking about better ways to play it. By that measure, Desktop Tower Defense is a good game. It looks easy at first, but then you start to realize the enemy (creeps) is getting a little farther each time, and those backup towers are starting to come into action, and you realize you aren’t going to make it another ten levels, and another hour has passed in defeat.

Link courtesy of Jeremy Zawodny, who warned us all.

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  1. ZF

    The key to winning turns out to be simple. The final (fifth) upgrade the the Squirt Towers gives you a +400% increase in effectiveness instead of the +90% you get at the lower levels. I never lost once after I figured that out, but the game is no longer interesting.

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