You know, if this rumor is correct, and the Carolina Panthers are actually thinking about trading Kris Jenkins for any less than a first or second round pick — which they’re unlikely to be offered for an oft-injured defensive tackle — I’m going to be further convinced that they don’t get this whole “personnel” thing. They might have a lot of depth along the defensive line, but Jenkins is one of the better tackles in the NFL, and I’m not convinced they can come up with something better in the third round or lower. Besides, at one point the Panthers had a lot of depth at linebacker, and then they overpaid to keep the talented but fragile Dan Morgan, and let just-as-talented Will Witherspoon and versatile Chris Draft sign with the Rams.

Maybe Jenkins wants out? Or maybe the Panthers know a talented rookie they really want to get? They’re okay at the draft, having picked up CB Richard Marshall last year, but given the fact he had such a big impact because the two more-experienced cornerbacks were having troubles, that doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. In a free-agent NFL, going less than 50% on positive personnel moves is the key to hanging out at 8-8. (Ask the Falcons.)