Seriously, Hawkman, no one wants to see what’s under that mask.

Those things have weirded me out ever since I was a kid. A giant bird is bad enough; a giant bird with an expressionless human-shaped mask is a lot worse. Thanks, DC! 😐

That being said, Showcase Presents: Hawkman, Vol. 1, is out, featuring the Silver Age Hawkman, Katar Hol. While I like the Golden Age Carter Hall version better, you can’t go wrong with a hero whose automatic response to danger is to pick up a mace and start whaling on it. Twenty-foot-tall dinosaur attacking? Mace. White-collar criminal absconding with the pension funds? Mace. Roaches? Turn on the light, watch them scatter, and then it’s mace time. 🙂

Update: Seven Hells: “I DON’T HESITATE!”