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Veronica Mars has left the building

I’m going to step out on a really wide, solid limb here, and say that the first season of Veronica Mars was the best show on television that year. (Yeah, that includes Lost.) The second season almost measured up to that standard. Then the CW decided to start messing with it, and then they canceled it. Thanks, CW, for saving us from quality television. 🙁

In the meantime, pick up Veronica Mars – The Complete First Season. You will enjoy it.

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  1. Christopher Knight

    Sorta reminds me of what happened with Carnivale: had a great first year, had an even BETTER second year… and then HBO in violation of all sanity pulls the plug on it.

    Or maybe Millennium is a better comparison. I was just thinking the other day how that show really became amazing in its second year, then got totally flushed down the tubes in the third: so much so that it didn’t even resemble itself all that much.

    Alias also comes to mind. So far, Lost has been consistently good. Let’s hope it can keep it up for the next 3 seasons.

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