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Hot 5

Hmm, looks like Maxim came out with its Hot 100 (supposedly straight), and responded with a lesbian version. Let’s see how they match up with a…uh…“random” list of five women.

List Maxim rank AfterEllen rank
Alyson Hannigan n/a 74
Jenna Fischer n/a n/a
Kristen Bell 46 56
Sarah McLachlan n/a n/a
Shakira 38 n/a

Yep, looks like my interests aren’t well-represented on either list, but more closely on the Maxim side based on the numbers. However, I was surprised at how much easier it would be to pick a second five from the AfterEllen list. C’mon, Maxim, you seriously listed Lindsay Lohan (#1, no less), Fergie (#10), and Shanna Moakler (I’m not going to bother looking that up) in your top 100? Combine that with Second Life avatars, and it’s just wasted space.


  1. Lorrie

    Ah yes, your top five women. Why am _I_ not on that list?

  2. Shane Thacker

    Well, in the real world you obviously are. (You’re at number 1, but don’t get all complacent about it.) 😉

    However, coming up with lists of five real world women you know is asking for trouble, so this one is about celebrities. (Although I would have to say you have achieved some local fame, what with your posse.) Of course, you did get the same amount of mentions from Maxim and AfterEllen as Jenna Fischer and Sarah McLachlan. 🙂

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