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1920 x 1200

I really want to get a MacBook Pro, now that I can do my work (Apple) and play games (Windows) with it, and the Pro models were just updated. So, I’m salivating over the concept of paying the Mac premium for a laptop, checking out the 17″, 1680 x 1050 display version — I’ve gotten too used to 1600 pixels’ worth of space at work and home to go to the 15″ display — when suddenly I realize they now have a 1920 x 1200 version as an upgrade.

Sigh. Bigger is better, right? I can’t help but think, though, that while Apple might have a way of actually enabling me to read what’s on the screen, I wonder about running Windows on it. Would I spend the entire time squinting at text? And more importantly, if you fire up Baldur’s Gate 2 or Panzer General, can you actually see what’s going on? Because we know that’s what a computer is for. 😉

Note: Before I get anyone talking about the “Mac premium” comment, yes, I know, Macs are much closer in price to Wintel laptops now. I haven’t tried the new configuration yet, but the last time I compared that premium had shrunk to around $200 over Dell, which apparently means we need to start talking about the Sony premium. Anyway, that “around $200” is kind of an interesting price point, since Apple is now successfully getting people to spend $125 extra just for a black case on a MacBook. 🙂

Update: Check out this analysis of Mac vs. Dell pricing.


  1. jeremy

    Well if you include applecare, which you should, you will find that for comparable the apple will be close to several hundred dollars cheaper. Otherwise, I think the premium for directly comparable computers from dell is currently the apple is cheaper, unless you pay the apple memory premium.

  2. Shane Thacker

    Interesting. Yeah, I noticed the Apple memory is insane, but it looks like it’s easily addable later and a lot cheaper from third parties.

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