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Why not one more?

While I have little doubt Iran is probably arming groups in Iraq and Afghanistan, I’m having trouble seeing these sorts of stories as being anything beyond the Bush Administration building a case for starting a war with yet another country.

Does the administration understand some simple, logical problems with this scenario?

  • Iran will react, and it probably has more capability to do so than Iraq did.
  • Iran is sitting next to two countries we’re having enough trouble occupying. What, do they figure an Iranian invasion will get people to love us?
  • Our military is overstretched and is particularly vulnerable in those two countries.
  • We can’t occupy yet another country. (I know, it would likely be bombing. How long does it stay an air war when the Iranian troops come over the border?)
  • Even if Arab countries don’t necessarily like Iran, they’re not going to support us fighting yet another Islamic country.
  • Finally, Administration, you do realize you’re going away in 1.5 years, right? This would be a bad mess to leave for the next one.

I really wish we hadn’t seen this before, but we have. I supported it with Afghanistan, and thought the administration had gone insane with Iraq. It starts with these statements, goes to the UN, and then we ignore whatever happens there and jump in. I’m wondering how long before we hear about the Al Qaeda/Iran link? Will “Al Qaeda” head to North Korea next? 😐

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  1. Chris Knight

    I don’t know why, but for some reason that last scene in “Reservoir Dogs” – where everyone shoots everyone else – kept coming to mind as I was reading that.

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