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A Few Thoughts on the Concert for Diana

We saw part of the Concert for Diana yesterday, and it looked like it went pretty well, given the difficult nature of huge live events. I had a few thoughts run though my head while watching, though, and figured I’d share them with an interested audience:

  • Realizing they weren’t promising music Princess Di liked, I still found it interesting that several of the acts weren’t known ten years ago. The list might have reflected the princes’ musical tastes as well, but I kept thinking it partially looked like the artist list you would get automatically from the BBC and VH1 for any concert.
  • Speaking of which: Fergie? Really? And she didn’t do London Bridge? When is a better time?
  • I didn’t catch this part, but why would English audiences care if Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson were there with Simon Cowell?
  • Josh Groban did a remarkable job fighting off Sarah Brightman during their duet.
  • Oh, Rod Stewart. That’s why they didn’t fill the entire concert with acts Diana liked.
  • In case you were wondering about Donny Osmond and dozens of kids wearing Chickenshed shirts, here you go.
  • Drop It Like It’s Hot. Pharrel Williams, everyone! A big round of applause! He’s really captured the spirit of the event!
  • Oh, good, Kanye West is here. He’ll straighten it all out. “Now I ain’t saying she a Gold Digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke…” Oh, that’s not good.
  • For the first time in my life, I felt sorry for Ricky Gervais.
  • And Elton John was finally able to take the stage to finish off the concert — he opened as well. This time he’ll do Candle in the Wind for the first time since Diana’s funeral, right? Nope. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.
  • Wait, when did Diana die? Oh yeah, Saturday night.

Anyway, I’m kind of picking on it, but like I said, it worked well. Much more smoothly than Live 8. I just wonder if everyone was told what the concert was for?

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  1. Farida Duncan

    You’re so spot on about Josh Groban being mauled by Sarah Brightman! Poor guy, it must have been a bit awkward for him when she kissed his hand, then when she dragged him from the stage. I wonder where she took him???!! Anyway, I can’t blame Ms. Brightman. He sang so beautifully.

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