Just to show I’m a huge nerd, when I saw this news about Seth Adams being the likely starting quarterback for the University of Mississippi, I read it as Teth-Adam. Not too bad, but then I was unreasonably intrigued by the idea of a killer supervillain/hero with the power of seven ancient gods playing in the SEC.

“The line collapses and Dempsey’s getting a free shot at the quarterback…OH…Oh my! Teth-Adam just threw Dempsey’s head to the receiver! The receiver drops it!”

“Well, Brad, normally he’s got great hands, but there’s a limit to the amount of horror you can withstand on the field.”

“Even if he had caught it, there’s a flag on the field, and I have to assume it’s against Ole Miss. Let’s go to Paul Maguire for his view from the sideline while we wait on the call.”

“GUYS, THAT WAS THE COOLEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! Dempsey’s arm landed right in front of our cart!”

“The referee has made the call…It’s a personal foul…unnecessary roughness against the Rebels.”

“Bob, it looks like Teth-Adam is going out to dispute the call…Our producers are telling me it’s a good time to cut to a commercial break.”

That all being said, I hope Seth Adams is successful, but how did Ole Miss get to the point of needing to start a transfer from Delta State who never started a game at his old school?

Link courtesy of Every Day Should Be Saturday.