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Jonah Hex, Movie Star

Looks like Warner Bros. wants another $8.50 from me. Jonah Hex — hard to explain if you don’t already know — may get his own movie soon. I wonder if it will end with him running across his own stuffed body?

While growing up, I was always a big costumed hero fan, reading a lot of Superman, Batman, and the Legion of Super-Heroes. However, I also really liked the “real-world” comics DC was putting out at the time, usually dealing with various modern wars or the American West. Jonah Hex was one of my favorite characters, along with Hans von Hammer (Enemy Ace), largely due to the moral complexity of the stories.

Of course, then he got pushed into the post-apocalyptic future in Hex. Not quite as good, but he did get to see himself dead. 🙂

Jonah Hex 34

Link courtesy of Bureau 42. Image courtesy of the Grand Comic Books Database.

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  1. Chris Knight

    One of the most offbeat episode of Batman: The Animated Series featured Jonah Hex. It was a flashback story about Ra’s al Ghul and his son in the time of the Old West, and how Hex stopped some big plan of theirs.

    Darn, I miss that show. Easily the best animated series of the 1990s.

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