Almost forgot about Friday catblogging. Let’s see:

After 25 hours of pregame show — seriously, it was 25 hours — the LSU Tigers beat Mississippi State 45-0 in college football. I only caught part of it, but I wasn’t exactly impressed with LSU’s offense. Not sure why so many sports pundits are picking them to play in the national championship. I think this is the same team that didn’t even win its half of the SEC last year, except this year they have a worse quarterback. And, let’s not forget, they still have Oklahoma State’s old coach.

Anyway, MSU’s QB threw six interceptions, which is impressive. Of course, just to be fair, one of those interceptions occurred in the end zone when the receiver was pushed to the ground by his face mask before the ball got there. Perhaps the referee standing five feet away thought it was a punt? So, only five interceptions. Much better. 🙂

Oh, okay…here’s a real cat:


Sort of.