Dum da da dum da da dum da da dum dum dum dum…Okay, so it’s not NFL Films.

Only a couple of weeks ago I brought you the thrilling tale of adventure that was my first live fantasy football draft. Now you get to see how it turned out. Lucky you. (Okay, so I’m stalling instead of mowing the yard. That could be a weekly series, right?)

My starting lineup wasn’t exactly one for the ages, but I was curious to see how they did. My ignorance of the usual Yahoo leagues meant that what I had been assuming was a head-to-head league turned out to be a points league, so a season is long enough to get things turned around in case my guys didn’t feel like playing the first week.

Starting for the Generals last week, with some of my thoughts after their games:

QB Drew Brees: So Indianapolis can defend? Who knew?

WR Marques Colston: The first time I saw him he was triple-covered. I have a feeling I’m going to be watching that a lot.

WR Jerry Porter: Not only does Daunte Culpepper not end up as the starting QB for the Raiders, everyone who was eligible must have caught more passes than Porter. Of course, he might just be working his way back slowly.

WR Calvin Johnson: Nice. Imagine what he could do as a starter. Can you hear me, Martz?!?

RB Willis McGahee: I actually watched the Ravens play and pulled for them to score, rather than be swallowed by the earth. So who scores on a running play? Glorified fullback Musa Smith. McGahee might put up yards, but now I think Brian Billick is on a personal mission to screw up my team. I mean, he’s got to be thinking about something besides football, right? Seriously, he just runs the halfback into the line most plays. To the trading block, McGahee!

RB Frank Gore: Couldn’t stay up late enough for his game. He scored a touchdown against the Cardinals. The NFC West lies defenseless before him.

TE Dallas Clark: He rushed. He actually rushed the ball.

K John Kasay: He’s a kicker.

DEF Carolina: Thank you, Stephen Jackson, and your tiny, delicate hands. Two fumbles add up nicely.

Points Scored: 68. Currently seventh place in a nine-team league.

Points Left on the Bench: 68. Apparently I’m not psychic enough to foresee the resurgence of Big Ben against a Cleveland team at least two years away and the amazing abilities of Adrian Peterson against a terrible defense. I’m going to try and keep track of this to see where my bench would end up in the league.

Big Changes: Goodbye John Kasay, Muhsin Muhammad, and Jerry Porter. Kasay is the Original Panther, but not irreplacable in this context. The guy throwing to Moose prefers another man now, and Porter got outplayed by a UNC point guard.

Hello, K Jason Elam, RB Derrick Ward, and WR Drew Bennett. I wouldn’t have dropped Kasay, but Elam’s game-winning kick as time expired is worthy of respek. The Giants starting running back and QB went down with injuries, which means Ward is going to be getting a lot of attention. And I just couldn’t believe Bennett was even available. Apparently he was injured. Not like it’s going to slow him down much.

Benched No More: Definitely Adrian Peterson. Possibly QB Ben Roethlisberger and WR Bernard Berrian. I’ll have to think about that.

Watching: WR Jacoby Jones, RB Kevin Jones, TE Jeff King, RB Brian Leonard. Come back soon, Kevin Jones. The Generals need you again.