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Magical Raccoon Testicles

No, those three words are not from a spam promoting the way to greater girth…no, that would make too much sense. They are, however, the main plot device from movie #1 on the list The 10 Best Animated Movies for (Traumatizing) Kids.

And here I was thinking Watership Down, which still bothers me, would be the freakiest movie on the list.

(A commenter on the article points out the characters are not Raccoons, but Tanuki, otherwise known as Raccoon Dogs. I’m thinking adding the word Dog does not improve the idea.)

Link courtesy of Too Many Topics, Too Little Time, which points out that the words are not magic. Probably just the actual testicles. 🙂

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  1. Chris Knight

    Holy cow, it’s Cracked! It came back… and it brought back one helluva vicious attitude! The Cracked magazine of my though would NEVER have used the “f” word like *that*!

    Cracked, the original publication, was a huge influence on me as a kid. How much so, you ask? Well it was from a 1985 issue of Cracked that I came up with my sometimes nom de plume “Irving Finster”. In just about every movie that I’ve made, that name is used somewhere.

    Great to see it come back (although it could dispense with the salty language).

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